Genuine BEKO 4900061200 Silver Door Handle For Fridge Freezer – OZBA SPARE PARTS ONLINE STORE
Genuine BEKO 4900061200 Silver Door Handle For Fridge Freezer

Genuine BEKO 4900061200 Silver Door Handle For Fridge Freezer

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Color: Silver


  • Genuine BEKO part
  • Manufacturer part number: 4900061200
  • Please check the model of your appliance and ask the seller to ensure that this part is correct for your model.
  • Model list: CF64S TLD673APB TLD673APS TLDC671S CXF6114S CXFD6113S CXFD6113W CXFD6114B TFF654APS TFF654S TFF673APB TFF673APS TFFC671S LXD6145B LXD6155SD
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Details: B7350SM, B7350SMN, B9330NM, B9330NMN, B9340NMN, B9460NM, B9490NM, B9540NM, CH131000, CH134100D, CH134101D, CH140000D, CH140000DS, CH140020D, CH140020DS, CH142100D, CH144120DE, CH146100D, CH146120DE, CN132100DS, CN136120, CN136120S, CN136220, CN136220D, CN136220DS, CN136220S, CN136230P, CN136231, CN136231S, CN136240, CN136240P, CN137020DS, CN137130, CN137130PB, CN137130S, CN137140, CN142220D, CN142220DS, CN142230, CN142230D, CN142230DS, CN142230S, CN147130D, CN147220D, CN150120, CN150221DE, CN152220DE, CS131020, CS134000, CS134000D, CS134000DS, CS134020, CS134020D, CS134020DS, CS134020S, CS134021D, CS134021DP, CS134021DS, CS134022, CS134022S, CS134030D, CS134030DS, CS137010, DDEN507WD+, DN133000, DN133000S, DN133020S, DN133100, DN133100S, DN135120, DN135120S, DN136110, DN137103, DN139110S, DN142100, DN142100S, DN143100, DN143120S, DN146100, DN146100S, DN146101, DN146101S, DN147120, DN147120DS, DN148100, DN148100S, DN150100, DN150100D, DN150120D, DN150220, DN150220D, DN150220DS, DN151100, DN152003, DN154103, DN155100S, DN155120, DN156003, DN159120, DN159120D, DN161120, DNE147100, DNE147100S, DNE150030, DS129010, DS129010S, DS130000, DS130000S, DS130020, DS130021, DS130030, DS131010, DS132010S, DS133000S, DS133010, DS133010S, DS133012, DS133020FYWWH, DS133020S, DS136010, DS136012, DS139010, DS139010S, DS141120, DS141120X, DS145010B, DS145100, DS145120, DS148010, DS148102, DS149010, DS149012áá, DS149102, DS160020, FN130421, FN131421, FNS171, FSE120, FSE24301, FXF6107B, TFF654APS, TFF654S, TL654APS, TL654S, TLDC671S, TLD673APS, TFF673APS

EAN: 7426902477826

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches

Part Number: 4900061200