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Beko 2805310400 Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch 2805310100, 2805310200, 2805310400, 2805311400, 2805310500, 2805311700

Beko 2805310400 Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch 2805310100, 2805310200, 2805310400, 2805311400, 2805310500, 2805311700

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Beko 2805310400 Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch 2805310100, 2805310200, 2805310400, 2805311400, 2805310500, 2805311700

2805310400  Description
Washing Machine Door Interlock Switch - 2805311600

Product Classification: Compatible 

Alternative matching manufacturer codes: 2805310100, 2805310200, 2805310400, 2805311400, 2805310500, 2805311700, 2805310800, 2805311600
Description: ZV-446T3, ZV446T3 / ZV-446T4, ZV446T4, AC4410, INT007AC, 85496400
Number of pins: 3
Suitable Models
Altus: AL6014, ALC6120, ALF0601, ALF1200W, AMF6054.
Aya: ALF0600W, ALF1015W, ALF1200W, ALF1201-1, ALF1216W, ALF5100W, ALF5101-1, ALF5801-1, AMF6053.
Blomberg: WAF63215A, WAF63415A, WAF64415A, WAF7520A, WAF7540A, WAF7540S, WNF8428A, WNF8447S50.
Bluesky: BLF1006, BLF1011, BLF1011EU, BLF1207, BLF1255, BLF1449, BLF1455, BLF4000G, BLF411EU, BLF411TH, BLF515EU, BLF515FR.
Brandt: WFU0511E, WFU0611K, WFU0811K, WFU0911F, WFU1011K, WFU1022E, WFU1041F, WFU1042E, WFU1231K, WFU1232K, WFU1241E, WFU1241N, WFU1242E.
Beko: B56B7STS, B7SLEDMSF, B7SMSF, BRC1400G, D26081E, D26101E, D26101ES, D35061B, D35062B, D36081E, D36082E, D36101E, D36101ES, D36102E, D45081B, D45102B, D46081E, D57102E, D57102ES, D58101E, D77101E, DG7101E, DNME400, DNMPL2B7SLED, EDISONCELL712, ELB47001, ELB57001M, ELB57021PTMS, ELB67001Y, ELB67031PTYA, ELY67031PTYB3, ELY67031PTZYB3, ELY77031PTLYB3, EV5100, EV5100+, EV5100+Y, EV5101, EV5140+, EV5600, EV5600+Y, EV5600-ISR, EV5600TRB, EV5600Y, EV5800, EV5800+, EV5800+Y, EV5801, EV5801+, EV6100, EV6100+, EV6101+, EV6102, EV6103, EV6120+, EV6140+, EV6600, EV6600+Y, EV6800, EV6800+, EV6800Y, EV6801, EV7100, EV7100+, EV7100Y, EV7101, EV7102, EV7103, JNRB10B7S, JRN7S, LBU58001YW, LBU58031PTMW, LBU681232YW, LBU68832YW, LLF06W, LLF07A1, LLF07W1, LLF08A1, LLF09W2, LLF61, LNU68801YW, MVB49001, MVB59001M, MVB69001Y, MVB69031PTYA, MVN59011M, MVN69011M, MVY59031MW1, MVY69021MW1, MVY69021YB1, MVY69031PTYB1, MVY69031PTZYB1, MVY69231MW1, MVY79031PTLYB1, PL1N7SLEDJ16, RKB58801MA, RKB58831PTMA, RKB68021PTY, RKB68801YA, RKB68831PTYA, RKY68821YW2, RKY78031PTLYB2, SWM6135, SWMB510211D, SWMB710311D, SWRE6501B0PL, SWTV6602B, SWTV7602BW, WASH814DW, WB10105IT, WB10106IT, WB10805IT, WB10806IT, WCA100, WCA123, WKB41001, WKB50621M, WKB50621PT, WKB50801M, WKB50821M, WKB50821PT, WKB50821PTM, WKB50831, WKB50831M, WKB50831PT, WKB50831PTM, WKB50831PTY, WKB50832PTY, WKB51001M, WKB51001MS, WKB51011M, WKB51021M, WKB51021PT, WKB51021PTA, WKB51021PTMA, WKB51021PTMS, WKB51022PLPTY, WKB51031, WKB51031M, WKB51031PT, WKB51031PTA, WKB51031PTM, WKB51031PTMA, WKB51031PTMAN, WKB51031PTMS, WKB51031PTS, WKB51031PTSC, WKB51031PTY, WKB51032, WKB51032PTY, WKB51231M, WKB51231PLPTM, WKB51231PTC, WKB51231PTM, WKB51231PTMA, WKB51231PTMAN, WKB51232, WKB51232PTY, WKB60621M, WKB60801Y, WKB60821PTM, WKB60821PTY, WKB60831PTM, WKB60831PTY, WKB61001, WKB61001Y, WKB61001YA, WKB61001YS, WKB61021M, WKB61021PTMA, WKB61021PTYA, WKB61021PTYS, WKB61022PLPTY, WKB61022PLY, WKB61022PTYA, WKB61031M, WKB61031PTM, WKB61031PTMA, WKB61031PTMS, WKB61031PTMSC, WKB61031PTYA, WKB61031PTYB, WKB61031PTYS, WKB61032, WKB61032PTY, WKB61032PTYA, WKB61032PTYS, WKB61032Y, WKB61231M, WKB61231MS, WKB61231PTMA, WKB61231PTMC, WKB61231PTYA, WKB61232PLPTY, WKB61232PTY, WKB70821PTM, WKB71021PTMA, WKB71031PTMA, WKB71231PTMA, WKC51031PT, WKL15106MNE+, WKN50811M, WKN51011M, WKN60811M, WKN61011M, WKN61011MS, WKY51021YW2, WKY51031MW2, WKY51031PTMANB4, WKY51031PTMB2, WKY51031PTMB3, WKY51031PTMW2, WKY51031YW2, WKY60821MW3, WKY60821YW2, WKY60831MW3, WKY60831PTYW2, WKY60831PTZYW2, WKY61021MB3, WKY61021MW2, WKY61021YB2, WKY61021YB3, WKY61021YW2, WKY61031MB1, WKY61031MB3, WKY61031MW2, WKY61031PTMB3, WKY61031PTYW2, WKY61031PTZYW2, WKY61031YB3, WKY61032ANYB4, WKY61032PTYANB1, WKY61032PTYW2, WKY61032PTZYANB1, WKY61032PTZYW2, WKY61032SYB1, WKY61033LSYB2, WKY61033PTLYB3, WKY61231MB3, WKY61231PTMB3, WKY61231PTYB3, WKY61231PTZYB3, WKY61231YB3, WKY61232PTYB3, WKY61232PTZYB3, WKY61233LSYB2, WKY61233PTLYB3, WKY70821LYW2, WKY71021LYW2, WKY71031LYB1, WKY71031LYB2, WKY71031PTLYSB2, WKY71031PTLYW2, WKY71033LANYB4, WKY71033LSYB1, WKY71033LSYB2, WKY71033PTLYB3, WKY71033PTLYSB2, WKY71091PTLYB2, WKY71231PTLYB3, WKY71233LANYB4, WKY71233LSYB2, WKY71233PTLYB3, WM5141S, WM5141W, WM61000, WM62125W, WM622W, WM6355W, WM710, WM711, WM712, WM71331W, WM71531S, WM7335W, WM7355S, WM74125W, WM74135W, WM74145W, WM84125W, WM84145W, WMB, WMB50601Y+, WMB50621, WMB50621UY, WMB50621YU, WMB50811PLNY, WMB50821, WMB50821CSY, WMB50821D, WMB50821DS, WMB50821PLY, WMB50821S, WMB50821UY, WMB50831, WMB508311D, WMB508311DS, WMB50831D, WMB50831DS, WMB50831PT, WMB50921, WMB5100, WMB51001PLN, WMB51001Y+, WMB51011CSNY, WMB51011PLNY, WMB51011W, WMB51020PT, WMB51021, WMB510211D, WMB510211DS, WMB51021CSPT, WMB51021CSY, WMB51021D, WMB51021DS, WMB51021IT, WMB51021PLPT, WMB51021PLY, WMB51021PTY, WMB51021S, WMB51021UY, WMB51021W, WMB51021YU, WMB51022, WMB51022CSPTY, WMB51022IT, WMB51022PL, WMB51022PLPTY, WMB51022YU, WMB51031, WMB510311D, WMB510311DS, WMB51031CSPT, WMB51031D, WMB51031DS, WMB51031PLPT, WMB51031PT, WMB51031S, WMB51031UY, WMB51032CSPT, WMB51032CSPTY, WMB51032PLPT, WMB51032PLPTY, WMB51032PLPTYA, WMB51032PTE, WMB51032PTEU, WMB51032PTY, WMB51032S, WMB51032UY, WMB51201CSNY, WMB51220, WMB51221, WMB51221CSPT, WMB51221PLPT, WMB51221S, WMB51221W, WMB51230E, WMB51230EBL, WMB51231, WMB51231CSPT, WMB51231PLPT, WMB51232, WMB51232CSPT, WMB51232CSPTY, WMB51232PLPT, WMB51232PLPTY, WMB51232PT, WMB51232PTE, WMB51232PTEU, WMB51420, WMB51421, WMB51431, WMB51432PTE, WMB51432PTEU, WMB5800, WMB60801Y+, WMB60821, WMB60821CSM, WMB60821D, WMB60821DS, WMB60821M, WMB60821M/2, WMB60821N, WMB60821PLM, WMB60831, WMB608311D, WMB608311DS, WMB60831D, WMB60831DS, WMB60831M, WMB60831MS, WMB60832M, WMB6100, WMB61001PLNY, WMB61001Y, WMB61001Y+, WMB61002Y+, WMB61011CSN, WMB61011PLN, WMB61021, WMB61021CSPTM, WMB61021D, WMB61021DS, WMB61021M, WMB61021MS, WMB61021N, WMB61021PLPTM, WMB61021PTM, WMB61021S, WMB61021W, WMB61021Y, WMB61021Y+, WMB61022CSPTM, WMB61022M, WMB61022PLPTM, WMB61023M, WMB61031, WMB610311D, WMB610311DS, WMB61031CSPTM, WMB61031D, WMB61031DS, WMB61031M, WMB61031MS, WMB61031PLPTM, WMB61031PLPTY, WMB61031PTM, WMB61031Y, WMB61031YPTM, WMB61032CSPTM, WMB61032M, WMB61032PLPTM, WMB61032PLPTY, WMB61032PTM, WMB61032PTY, WMB61032PTYS, WMB61032YPT, WMB61033M, WMB61121W, WMB61201CSNY, WMB61201PLNY, WMB61211PLNY, WMB61220E, WMB61220M, WMB61220S, WMB61221, WMB61221CSPTM, WMB61221M, WMB61221MS, WMB61221PLPTM, WMB61221PTM, WMB61221S, WMB61221W, WMB61222, WMB61222S, WMB61222W, WMB61231, WMB61231CSPTM, WMB61231M, WMB61231MS, WMB61231PLPTM, WMB61231PLPTY, WMB61231PT, WMB61231PTM, WMB61231PTMS, WMB61231PTS, WMB61231S, WMB61231SY, WMB61231Y, WMB61232, WMB61232CSPTM, WMB61232M, WMB61232PLPTM, WMB61232PLPTY, WMB61232PT, WMB61232PTE, WMB61232PTMS, WMB61232PTY, WMB61233, WMB61233M, WMB61321S, WMB61321W, WMB61421, WMB61421M, WMB61421W, WMB61422, WMB61422MU, WMB61431, WMB61431B, WMB61431M, WMB61431S, WMB61431W, WMB61432, WMB61432B, WMB61432M, WMB61432MU, WMB61432PTE, WMB61432PTEU, WMB61432S, WMB61432SPTE, WMB61432W, WMB61620, WMB61621, WMB61622, WMB61631, WMB61631B, WMB61631S, WMB61631W, WMB61632, WMB61632PTE, WMB61632PTEU, WMB6800, WMB68032PTY, WMB70821, WMB70821M, WMB70831, WMB70832, WMB70832M, WMB70832MS, WMB71001, WMB71001M+, WMB71011PLNM, WMB71021, WMB71021M, WMB71021W, WMB71031, WMB710311D, WMB710311DLSC, WMB71031D, WMB71031DLSC, WMB71031DSC, WMB71031M, WMB71031M-2, WMB71031MS, WMB71031MS-2, WMB71031PTM, WMB71031S, WMB71032B, WMB71032LM, WMB71032PTM, WMB71032S, WMB71032Y, WMB71033, WMB71033CSPTM, WMB71033PLPTM, WMB71033PTLM, WMB71121W, WMB71221, WMB71221AN, WMB71221C, WMB71221M, WMB71221MC, WMB71221S, WMB71222M, WMB71231, WMB71231B, WMB71231M, WMB71231PTM, WMB71231S, WMB71231W, WMB71232M, WMB71232PTE, WMB71232PTEU, WMB71232PTM, WMB71232S, WMB71233B, WMB71233CSPTM, WMB71233M, WMB71233PLPTM, WMB71233S, WMB71233W, WMB71410M, WMB7141S, WMB71420, WMB71420S, WMB71421, WMB71421M, WMB71421MS, WMB71421S, WMB71422, WMB71423, WMB71423MS, WMB71425, WMB71431, WMB71431A, WMB71431M, WMB71431PTM, WMB71431S, WMB71432, WMB71432A, WMB71432B, WMB71432M, WMB71432PTE, WMB71432PTEU, WMB71432S, WMB71433, WMB714330, WMB714330S, WMB71433C, WMB71433S, WMB71436, WMB71436S, WMB71631A, WMB71632A, WMB71632PT, WMB71632PTE, WMB71632PTEU, WMB81021M, WMB81022, WMB81031, WMB81031M, WMB81031PTM, WMB81032, WMB81032M, WMB81032PTM, WMB812, WMB81201, WMB81220M, WMB81220MS, WMB81221, WMB81221LS, WMB81221M, WMB81222, WMB81223LW, WMB81230M, WMB81231, WMB81231M, WMB81231MS, WMB81231S, WMB81232, WMB81233M, WMB81236, WMB814, WMB81421M, WMB81423W, WMB81425, WMB81426, WMB81426S, WMB81431M, WMB81432, WMB81433, WMB81433S, WMB81444, WMB91022, WMB91221, WMB91221S, WMB91233LW, WMB91235, WMB91235S, WMC1282W, WMC1471W, WMC6100S, WMC6100W, WMC6120W, WMC6140W, WMC7120W, WMD61W, WMD65085, WMD65086, WMD65105, WMD65105BL, WMD65105S, WMD65106, WMD65125, WMD65126, WMD65145, WMD66085, WMD66086, WMD66105, WMD66106, WMD66106S, WMD66125, WMD66125S, WMD66126, WMD66145, WMD66146, WMD66146S, WMD66165, WMD66165S, WMD66166, WMD67105, WMD67106, WMD67107, WMD67110, WMD67126, WMD68100, WMD68120, WMD68120S, WML15106, WML15106MNE+, WML15106NE, WML15126MNE, WML15126MNE+, WML50621, WML50821, WML508212, WML50821DN, WML50821S, WML50821Y, WML51021, WML510212, WML51021D, WML51021EI, WML51021S, WML51031E, WML51032MEU, WML51211EI+, WML51221EI, WML51231E, WML51232MEU, WML51411EI+, WML51421EI, WML51431E, WML51432MEU, WML61001Y, WML61011PLNY, WML61021ME, WML61221M, WML61221ME, WML61231ME, WML61232MEU, WML61431ME, WML61431MEE, WML61432MEU, WML61633EU, WML65105, WML65106, WML65126, WML65146, WML66105, WML66125, WML66126, WML66146, WML66165, WML66166, WML71432MEU, WML714331MEU, WML71433MEU, WML81433MEU, WMN1743P20, WMN68001Y, WMN68001YA, WMO15107NE, WMO15127NE, WMO15147NE, WMO51021E, WMO51032E, WMO51032EU, WMO51032MEU, WMO51221E, WMO51221SE, WMO51232E, WMO51232EU, WMO51232MEU, WMO51421E, WMO51421SE, WMO51432E, WMO61231ME, WMO61232MEU, WMO61431ME, WMO61432MEU, WMO61632EU, WMP511S, WMP511W, WMS71221M, WMS71222M, WMS81433W, WMY50820SB2, WMY50831YW2, WMY51022PTYB3, WMY51032PTYB3, WMY51222PTYB3, WMY60821PTYB3, WMY60830SLB2, WMY61021PTYB3, WMY610313, WMY61031B3, WMY61031PTYB3, WMY61032, WMY610322, WMY61033PTMB3, WMY61232MB3, WMY61232PTYB3, WMY61432M, WMY61432MB3, WMY70833BIH, WMY71022LMB3, WMY71023LMB3, WMY71033LB3, WMY71033LMB3, WMY71033PTLMB3, WMY71033SLB2, WMY71233LMB3, WMY71233PTLE, WMY71233PTLMB3, WMY71433, WMY81230SLB1, WMY91230SLB1, WMY91233LB3, WMY91233SLB2, WRE5400B, WRE5501B0, WRE5531B0H, WRE5532B0HUS, WRE6400B, WRE6400BSRB1, WRE6500B, WRE6501B0, WRE6502B0UL, WRE6531B0H, WRE6532B0H, WRE6532BWBW, WRE6532ZSBS, WRE6532ZWBW, WRE6632ZSBS, WRE6632ZWBW, WRE7532X0, WRE7532XW, WRE7534XWS0, WRE7632XS, WRE7632XWBW, WRE7634XC0, WRE7634XWS0, WRS5532BWBWPT, WRYS51022C, WTC5701B0, WTC6532X0, WTC9602XW0, WTE5401B0, WTE5501B0, WTE5502B0, WTE5502BB0BPT, WTE6401B0, WTE6501B0, WTE6531X0, WTE6532B0, WTE7500, WTE7502, WTE7531, WTE7531XW0, WTE7532BCX, WTE7602, WTE7632X, WTE7632XW, WTE7702, WTN50811, WTV6501BS0S, WTV6502B0, WTV6502B0S, WTV6502CSB0, WTV6532B0, WTV6602B0, WTV6602CSB0, WTV6632B0, WTV6632BS0S, WTV6702B0, WTV6731B0, WTV6732B0, WTV6732B1, WTV7501BW0, WTV7502B0, WTV7531X0, WTV7602B0, WTV7602CSB0, WTV7702B0, WTV8501B0, WTV8502X0, WTV8502XW0, WTV8602BS0S, WTV8602X0, WTV8602XS0X, WTV9632X0, WTV9632XS0S, WWML616331EU.
Continental Edison: CELL5600, CELL560AP, CELL712, CELL7120, CELL7120B, CELL7120S.
FAR: L0510, L1400, L1540, L1550, L1560, L1586, L1595, L1596, L1598, L17400, L61000, L61400, L6400, L6500, L67100, L71000, L7500, L8600, L9200, L9510, L9600, LR0400.
Funix: FU521, FU621.
Grundig: GWD510400, GWN37430, GWN37431, GWN37432, GWN48430, GWN48431, GWN48440, GWN49650, GWN58482C.
Essentiel B: ELF614DD2, ELF614D4, ELF614DD2, ELF714DD1, ELF814DD1, ELF814DD2.
Listo: LF1005-4, LF1206-D2, HTV8733XC0M,  LF610BE16W, LF612BE16S, LLF06W1, LLF07A1, LLF07W1, LLF08A1, LLF09W1, LLF09W2, LLF10W.
SABA: LFS7124, LLF06W1, LLF07A1, LLF07W1, LLF08A1, LLF09W1, LLF09W2, LLF61.
Selecline: DV1400, MC1000, MC600, MC602, WF1000.
Siemens: WM20850FF/33.
Smeg: LBS105F, LBS106, LBS106-9, LBS106F, LBS107-9, LBS107F, LBS108F, LBS108F1, LBS126, LBS126F, LBS127, LBS128F, LBS128F1, LBS129F, LBS635, LBS645-9, LBS65F, LBS66, LBS66-1, LBS845, LBS845-5, LBS845-9, LBS85, LBS85-9, LBS85F, LBS86, LBS86-1, LBS86-9, LBS86F.
Surfline: LF605S3.
Vedette: LF105, LF123, LF901.



  • Genuine Beko door interlock
  • Manufacturer part number: 2805311400
  • Alternative part number: 2805310100, 2805310400
  • Suitable for: BEKO, Flavel, Blomberg, Belling, Lamona models
  • Please check the model of your appliance and ask the seller to ensure that this part is correct for your model.

Details: Please check the model of your appliance and ask the seller to ensure that this part is correct for your model. Model list: WME8227W, WM7120W, WME8227S, WM6143B, WM7335W, WM74135W, WMB81445LW, WMB91242LB, WME7267W, WM5120W, WMB71442S, GWN48430CW, wmb71642s and many more.

EAN: 7426902473606

Package Dimensions: 6.2 x 4.0 x 0.8 inches

Part Number: 2805310100, 55X7562