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Oven Cooker Grill Heating Element 1100W+1100W For Beko Lamona 262900064

Aspares Oven Cooker Grill Heating Element 1100W+1100W For Beko Lamona 262900064 Whirlpool

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Oven Top Upper Grill Heating Element - 262900064

Product Classification: Compatible

This product is suitable for various models and loads of different brands. Please check compatibility before order.

Product Features: 

  • Length: 360 mm
  • Width: 350 mm
  • Height: 37 mm
  • Shape: curved
  • Power: 2200 W
  • Voltage: 230 V.
  • Width: 360 mm
  • Depth to flange: 310 mm
  • Flange width: 100 mm
  • Flange height: 23 mm
  • Values: 1100 + 1100 watts, 230 volts 

Suitable Models: 

Arctic: AROSE27230AVM, AROSC22130XD, AROSC21130BD, AROIE21100C, AROIM24501BC, AROIE21100X, AROIM24300B, AROIM32400X, AROIE22500X, AROIE32400X, AROIM25602X, AROIM24500, AROIM21300C, AROIE21300C, AROIC21100H, AROIC21100
Beko: AFD14300BK, AFD14300SK, AFD14400BS, AFD14400SS, AFDF22400IOKS, AFDF25400IOKS, AFDM25400IOKS, AFE21300B, AFE21300S, AFE24000B, AFE24000S, AFE24001B, AFE24300BK, AFE24300GR2OK, AFE24300S, AFE24300SK, AFM22100B, AFM22101B, AFM22300IK, AFM22400IOKS, AFM24100B, AFM24100G, AFMC24100S, AFMC24101SS, AVD35500SOKS, BCE12300X, BCE16300X, BCE18300XC, BCM22300XM, BCM12300X, BCM15400XG, BCM15500XG, BCS18500X, BDC6C55W, BIC21000W, BIC22000X, BIC22100X, BIC22300X, BIC22BD, BIC2N000X, BICT22100X, BIE110X, BIE15300XCS, BIE21100B, BIE22100XC, BIE14300BCS, BIE14300WCS, BIE15300XS, BIE15400XCS, BIE15400XPS, BIE21100B, BIE21100M, BIE21100W, BIE21300B, BIE21300MC, BIE21300W, BIE22000X, BIE22100W, BIE22100X, BIE22101X, BIE22102X, BIE22300X, BIE22300XC, BIE22300XD, BIE22301X, BIE22302XD, BIE22400XM, BIE22400XP, BIE24100B, BIE24300B, BIE24300BCS, BIE24300W, BIE24300WCS, BIE24301B, BIE24301W, BIE24302B, BIE243E0W, BIE24S, BIE25300X, BIE25300XCS, BIE253E0X, BIE25400XM, BIE25402XM, BIE25S, BIE26100XCS, BIE26300X, BIE26300XCS, BIE26302X, BIE26S, BIE28300X, BIE32300XMS, BIE32301XMS, BIE35300XS, BIE35400XPS, BIE62210X, BIEB2277X, BIEB3377X, BIEM26400XPS, BIER22100WC, BIER22100XC, BIET22100XM, BIET26400XCS, BIET26400XPS, BIET36300XCS, BIET36400XPS, BIM21302XP, BIM24100W, BIM25300XS, BIM25400XPS, BIM810X, BIM12300XC, BIM12301XP, BIM15100B, BIM15300XS, BIM15500XGMS, BIM15500XPS, BIM16100DXOS, BIM21301XP, BIM22100X, BIM22101M, BIM22300X, BIM22300XC, BIM22300XL, BIM22300XPS, BIM22301X, BIM22301XCS, BIM22302X, BIM22303M, BIM22304X, BIM22304XCS, BIM22305X, BIM22306XS, BIM22400X, BIM22400XMS, BIM24100ZG, BIM24300BP, BIM24300GPS, BIM24300W, BIM24300WMS, BIM24300WS, BIM24301BCS, BIM24301BGCS, BIM24301BRCS, BIM24301BS, BIM24301W, BIM24301WCS, BIM24301ZGCS, BIM24302B, BIM24400BCS, BIM24400GCS, BIM24400WCS, BIM24400ZGCS, BIM25300X, BIM25301X, BIM25301XCS, BIM25302X, BIM25400XL, BIM25400XM, BIM25400XMS, BIM25400XPS, BIM25400XR, BIM25401X, BIM25401XM, BIM25402XMS, BIM260N0X, BIM26301XC, BIM26400XCS, BIM26IN0RX, BIM27XS, BIM28XPS, BIM32300MMS, BIM32300XMS, BIM32301XMS, BIM32302XMS, BIM32400XPS, BIM34400BMS, BIM35401XMS, BIM35401XPS, BIM36300XCS, BIM82301X, BIMF15500XGMS, BIMF22400XMS, BIMF25400XMS, BIMF25500XPS, BIMF26400XPS, BIMF35400XMS, BIMF35400XPS, BIMM22400XMS, BIMM25400XMS, BIMM25400XPS, BIMM25401XPS, BIMM35400XMS, BIMM35500XPS, BIMMT22300XP, BIMR25301XCS, BIMT25300XMS, BIMT15400XPS, BIMT22300XP, BIMT22400MCS, BIR35500XPS, BIR1300BP, BIR14400BGCS, BIR14400GGCS, BIR14400WGCS, BIR15500XPS, BIR16100XOS, BIR19400DXPS, BIR21300BC, BIR213XP, BIR22400XMS, BIR23300XP, BIR24303BCS, BIR25300XP, BIR25300XS, BIR25400XCS, BIR25400XMS, BIR25400XPS, BIR25500XMS, BIR26300XCS, BIR32400XMS, BIR35400XMS, BIR35401XMS, BIR35500XMS, BIR36100XOS, BIR36400XOS, BIRF22400XMS, BIRF35401XMS, BIRS25300XCS, BIRT22300XMMS, BIRT24301BRMS, BIRT25400XPS, BIS15500XGMS, BIS15500XMS, BIS25500XMS, BIS35500XMS, BKDM22100X, BKDM24100W, BQE22300X, BQE24300B, BQM22301XC, BQM22400XP, BQM24301BCS, BQM24400BPS, BQM29500XC, BQM29500XP, BSC22120X, BSC22130X, BSE21030X, BSE21031CXD, BSE22020X, BSE22120X, BSE22121X, BSE221300XC, BSE22130X, BSE221400XC, BSE22320X, BSE22341X, BSE24130B, BSE24322B, BSE830X, BSM22320X, BSM22321X, BSM22322X, BSM22520X, BSM24300B, BSM24300W, BSM25320X, BSM32320X, BSMI24400W, BUC22020W, BUC22020X, BUC22021X, BUE22001X, BUE22020X, BUE22021X, BUE22120X, BUE22320X, BUE2N001X, BUM22320X1, BUM22321X, BUM22321X1, BUM22322X, BUM22322X1, BUM22323X1, BUM22325XP, BUM22341X, BUM260N0X, BUM261N0RX, BVM32401XS, BVM34400BS, BVM34500B, BVM35400XPS, BVM35500XMS, BVM35500XPS, BVM36400XCS, BVR34500BGMS, BVR35500XMS, BVRS35500XMS, BVS35500XMS, CDF73111DA, CSE62010DW, CSE62110DX, CSE62121DWL, CSE62121DX, CSE62320GW, CSE62321DW, CSE62321DX, CSE63016GX, CSE63110DS, CSE63111DX, CSE63320DW, CSE64010DS, CSE64320DSL, CSE66001, CSE67000, CSE67000GW, CSE67300, CSE67300GA, CSE67300GS, CSE67300GW, CSE67300GX, CSE67301GW, CSE67301GX, CSE67501GAP, CSE69000GW, CSE69301GA, CSE87000GW, CSE87005GW, CSE63GWP, CSE67101GS, CSE69100GS, CSE69100GW, CSG62111DX, CSM61320DX, CSM61326DX, CSM62120DS, CSM62120GS, CSM62121DS, CSM62121DWL, CSM62320DS, CSM62320DW, CSM62320DX, CSM62320GS, CSM62320GW, CSM62321DA, CSM62321DW, CSM62321DX, CSM62321GA, CSM62322DW, CSM62322DX, CSM62323DW, CSM62323DX, CSM62325DW, CSM62325DX, CSM63120GW, CSM63320DW, CSM64320GW, CSM66001, CSM66002GW, CSM66003GW, CSM66100GW, CSM66106GX, CSM67300GA, CSM69300GX, CSM87300GW, CSS62010, CSS62110DW, CSS62111DS, CSS62111DX, CSS62120DW, CSS62120DX, CSS63111DS, CSS63111DW, CSS66000, CSS66000GW, CSS67000, CSS67000GW, CSS86000GW, CSS62110DW, CSS67000GX, CUI60B, CUI60S, CUI60X, CUM650X, CUM651X, CUM65S, CUM65X, CUM68I, CUV60B, CUV60X, CUV61B, CUV61S, CUV61X, CUV62X, CUV63B, CUV63I, CUV64A, DENEME2015, DENEME20415, FDE83110DXC, FDE87100ACS, FDF83310DA, FDG83010GS, FE310, FE310S, FE410, FFSS62000W, FFSS64000W, FFSS67000W, FM310S, FM410, FM520, FM520A, FM520DG, FM520IC, FM531I, FM620I, FSE67500GA, FSE67500GS, FSE61330DXSNL, FSE62110DACS, FSE62110DWC, FSE62110DWF, FSE62110DX, FSE62110DXNL, FSE62110DXF, FSE62120DW, FSE62120DWDSL, FSE62120DX, FSE62121DW, FSE62134DCR, FSE62320DW, FSE62320DX, FSE62321DX, FSE62330GWD, FSE63110DSCS, FSE63110DW, FSE63110DWCS, FSE63110DXCS, FSE63120DWCS, FSE63120DXC, FSE63120GXS, FSE63310DWCS, FSE63320DW, FSE63320DX, FSE63321DXCS, FSE63330DW, FSE63330DX, FSE63410GWP, FSE64010DSS, FSE64010DW, FSE64320DS, FSE64320DW, FSE66000GS, FSE66000GW, FSE66300GW, FSE67100GWMS, FSE67100GWS, FSE67300GW, FSE67300WCS, FSE67300XCS, FSE67301XCS, FSE67310GX, FSE67500XCS, FSE683001GACS, FSE68300GACS, FSE68300GWCS, FSE68301WC, FSE68330WCS, FSE69300WC, FSE69GW, FSE70GW, FSE87001GWS, FSET62111GSS, FSET62321DX, FSET63010GX, FSET63110DX, FSM61330DWDSL, FSM61330DXDSL, FSM62010DW, FSM62010DWNL, FSM62120DW, FSM62320DSS, FSM62320DWS, FSM62320DWSNL, FSM62320DXS, FSM62320GW, FSM62330DWT, FSM62330DXMT, FSM62330DXS, FSM62330DXSNL, FSM62330DXT, FSM62331DXT, FSM62332DXT, FSM62530DXMS, FSM63220DWPS, FSM65330DAS, FSM65330DXS, FSM66000GWS, FSM66001GBR, FSM66001GW, FSM66100GX, FSM67010GW, FSM67010GX, FSM67300GWS, FSM67320DWS, FSM67320DXT, FSM67320GAS, FSM67320GSS, FSM67320GWS, FSM67320GXS, FSM69300GXT, FSM87001GWS, FSM89301GWS, FSM89301GXS, FSMT61330DXT, FSMT62321DWSS, FSMT62321DXSS, FSR61410GXDF, FSR62310DBCS, FSR63110DXCS, FSR6320DXCS, FSR63520XPS, FSR65120DACT, FSR65520DXCT, FSR67100GXCS, FSR67100WCS, FSR67100XCS, FSR685300XCS, FSS61DXMM, FSS62010DW, FSS62010DWNL, FSS62010DX, FSS63010DW, FSS63110DSCS, FSS63110DWCS, FSS64010DW, FSS66000GW, FSS66001GBR, FSS66001GW, FSS66003GW, FSS66100GW, FSS67100WCS, FSS67100XCS, FSS86001GWS, FSST62110DW, FSST62111DX, FSST64110GS, FZE67300WCS, FZR67400WPS, KFDM62120DWDSL, KFDM62120DXDSL, MHS22321W, MHS22321X, MHS22322W, MHS22322X, OCE24000B, OCM22300X, OCM25500X, OCM25600X, ODM22100X, OIC21000W, OIC21003W, OIC21300B, OIC21300W, OIC21301B, OIC21301W, OIC22000W, OIC22002X, OIC22003X, OIC22102X, OIC23300X, OIC23301, OIC21000, OIE21100B, OIE21200CU, OIE21200WU, OIE21201CU, OIE22100, OIE22101W, OIE22101X, OIE22103X, OIE22302X, OIE22305X, OIE24100B, OIE24300, OIE24300B, OIE24300W, OIE24301B, OIE24305B, OIE24505BP, OIE24600B, OIE25501XP, OIE25502X, OIE26606XP, OIE2N500XP, OIE39600BP, OIE39600WP, OIE39600X, OIE39600XP, OIE39601XP, OIE39602X, OIE226XP, OIE22S, OIE23S, OIE24PS, OIE39S, OIER21100B, OIER21100W, OIER22100X, OIF21100W, OIF21101XBI, OIF22000XBI, OIM22100X, OIM22101M, OIM22300M, OIM22302X, OIM22303X, OIM22500XP, OIM22501X, OIM22502M, OIM22502XL, OIM22503X, OIM24100G, OIM24302B, OIM24500BR, OIM25300XL, OIM25500, OIM25600X, OIM25601X, OIM25601XP, OIM25602X, OIM25604X, OIM25700X, OIM25702X, OIM26500, OIM27200C, OIM39600X, OIM39600XP, OIM39601XP, OIM39701X, OIM52300P, OIM54300P, OIM59600PP, OIM59700PP, OIM25501XMFB, OIM25502XMFBI, OIM39700X, OSF22125XBIOVN, OSF22130SXBIOVN, OSF22130XBIOVN, OSC22020X, OSC22120X, OSC22130X, OSE22020X, OSE22120X, OSE22121X, OSE22130X, OSE22320X, OSE24130B, OSM22320X, OSM22321X, OSM22322X, OSM22340X, OSM22520X, OSM25320X, OSM25340X, OUC21023W, OUC22001X, OUC22010X, OUE22002X, OUE22020W, OUE22500XP, OUE22501XP, OUE2N000X, OUE2N001X, OUE2N500XP, OUM22001X, OUM22002X, OUM22003X, OUM22300, OUM22301X, OUM22322X, OUM22324X, OUM22325X, OUM22326X, OUM25501XP, QSE212X, QSE222X, QSM223X, SAMOIC21001XBI, SOQM268XBIElc, VCSF400
Blomberg: HKN9330X, HKN9331E, BEO7043X, HGN9325A, HZN9325A, HIN9430E, BEO9596X, HKT9020, HKT9330, HKT9330E, BEO7423X, BEO5122W, BEO7443X, OES7001W, BEO7536X, BEO5022X, BEO5422X, HKT9120, HGN9125, HMT9100, HKT8235P, HKT8340X, HKT8030, BEO7022X, HKN8331E, HMN9331A, HKN9331A, HMN8331A, HKN9430E, HKN9334E, HKN8330E, HKN8320E, HKN8320A, HKN8330A, HKN9320E, HKN9320A, HKN9330A, HKN9440E, HMN9020, HMN9130A, HMN9130E, HKN9330E, HIN9330E, HGN9325E, HGN9333Z, HGN8333, HGN8433X, HWN9325E, HZN9325E, BIO7442X, BIO7142X, BIO5022X, BEO7002X, OIN6011X, BEO7423W, BEO7123X, BEO7102X, BEO7422X, OEN7121X, BEO7122X, BEO7423Z, BEO7132Z, OEN7311X, BEO5002W, BEO5002X, OEN84S80B, HITM8430X, OEN93S22X, OEN84S60B, BEO9790X, OZN9480X, OZN94S80B, DDHIN9310, BZO9890X, KHDGN9113Z, OEN7101X, OEN7111W, OEN7111X, OZN9321X, BZO9790X, BZO9770X, BIO7043X, BIO7443X
Electra Bregenz: HEA2208X, HE3008X, HSC6081W, HEM62081X, HE62080X, HSC6382W, HSC6382X, HS6061W, HE3008W, MB53140X, HEM62081W, HEPM63141X, HEP4314X, HEP43140X, HESI60080X, HE3208W, HEA2004W, MB73140X, HE3208X, HEPS33145X, HE62080W, BE62060X, HE60080X, HE60080W, MHSI72085X, HE30080X, HE32080W, HEA2004X, HESPA63140X, MB74140B, HE32080X, HE62081X, HE42083X
Grundig: GFZM13511W, GEBE13000, GEBM62000AV, GEBM62000X, GEBM62000A, GEZT47000BP, GFZMM14520W, GFZM13410W, GFZM13510W, GFZM13510X, GEBM34000XP, GEBM46000BP, GFBM23420WC, GEHM13101X1, GEHM13100X1, GEHM13101X, GEBC11000B, GEBM34002XP, GFBM23420XC, GEBM45000BP, GEBM25001BP, GEBM23000BP, GEBM25000BP, GHS9443X, GEZM77001XP, GEBM47011BP, GEIM47000B, GEZM27001CKG
Leisure: CK60GAK, PFL9775ES, PFL9780TZS, PFL9773EI, PFL9782PFS, CK110S, CK110K, CK110F324X, CK110F332K
Princess: PS105N, KNCER7001
Privileg: PCCF80211261W, PCCF50201261W, PCCF80211261X, PCCF80211261W, PCCF50201261X, PCCF50201261W, PCCF30201061W, PCCF30201061X, PCCF50201261X, PCCF80211261X, PCCF30201061W
Whirlpool: ACM225NORV, ACM225N, ACM226, ACM224N, ACM225NORV, ACM225NORV, ACM226IXORV, ACM226ORV, ACM224S, ACM226IX, ACM224, ACM225S, ACM227IX, ACM225



  • COMPATIBLE MODEL LAMONA - HJA3400 HJA4620 HJA3660 LAM3100 LAM3205 LAM3301 LAM3402 LAM3501 LAM3600 LAM4600 LAM3201 LAM3206 LAM3400 LAM3403 LAM3502 LAM4401 LAM4601
  • COMPATIBLE MODEL BEKO -AFE21300S AFM22400IOKS BCE12300X BCE18300XC BCS18500X BIC21100W BIC22100X BIE14300WCS BIE15300XS BIE22000X BIE22100XC BIE22300XC BIE22400XM BIE24100B BIE24300BCS BIE24300WCS BIE26100XCS BIE32300XPS BIM22100X BIM22300XC BIM24300BS BIM24400WCS BIM25400XMS BIM32300MMS BIM35300XMS BIMF25500XPS BIMF35400XPS BIMM35400XMS BIR14400BGCS BIR14400WGCS BIR32400XMS BIR35500XMS BIS35500XMS BKDM24100W BVR35500XMS CDM87000GW CSE66000GW CSE66001GW CSE67000GW
  • CSE67100GW CSE67300GS CSE67300GX CSE67500GW CSE69100GS CSE69300GA CSE86300GW CSE87001GW CSE87003GW CSE87005GW CSE87300GX CSM66001GBR CSM66002GW CSM66100GW CSM66301GX CSM67000GW CSM67300GS CSM67300GX CSM68500GWP CSM86300GW CSM87300GX CSM89300GX CSS660003GW CSS66000GW CSS66001GW CSS67000GX CSS86001GW OCE24000B OCM23500X OCM25500X ODF21300B ODF21300W ODF24300M OIC21000W OIC21001X OIC21300B OIC22000W OIC22001X OIC22003X OIC2N000X

Details: COMPATIBLE MODEL BEKO ; OIE21000X OIE21200CU OIE21300B OIE22000X OIE22100X OIE22500AP OIE22500XP OIE24100B OIE24300W OIE24500MP OIE24600BP OIE25000X OIE25500XP OIE26600XP OIE27200AV OIE39600BP OIE39600XP OIER21100W OIER22300X OIER24300W OIF21300B OIF22000X OIF22300X OIF23300X OIM21200CU OIM22100X OIM22300X OIM22500X OIM24100G OIM24500B OIM24500BR OIM24500WP OIM24600BP OIM24600WP OIM25300XL OIM25500X OIM25500XP OIM25600X OIM25600XP OIM26500X OIM26600X OIM26700XP OIM27200AV OIM27200X OIM2N300X OIM39600XP OIM59600PP OTF22300X OUC22000X OUE22001X OUE2N000X AFM22100B AROIC21100 BCE16300X BCM15400XG BDC643K BIC22000X BIE14300BCS BIE15300XCS BIE15400XCS BIE22100X BIE22300X BIE22300XD BIE22400XP BIE24300B BIE24300W BIE25400XM BIE26300XCS BIE35300XS BIM22300X BIM22400XMS BIM24400BCS BIM25300X BIM25400XPS BIM32400XPS BIM35400XPS BIMF26400XPS BIMM25400XMS BIMT22400MCS BIR14400GGCS BIR25500XMS BIR35400XMS BIS25500XMS BKDM22100X BVR34500BGMS CDG83010GS CSE66000GS CSE66001GBR CSE66300GW CSE67000GX CSE67300 CSE67300GW CSE67500GA CSE69000GW CSE69100GW CSE69300GW CSE87000GW CSE87001GX CSE87004GW CSE87300GW CSER67100GW CSM66001GW CSM66003GW CSM66300GX CSM67000GBR CSM67300GA CSM67300GW CSM68500GAP CSM69300GX CSM87300GW CSM87500GW CSM89500GXP CSS66000GBR CSS66001GBR CSS67000GW CSS86000GW OCE223000X OCM22300X OCM24500M OCM25600X ODF21300F ODF22300X ODM22100X OIC21001B OIC21003W OIC21300W OIC22000X OIC22002X OIC22100X OICR22100X OIE21100B OIE21200WU OIE21300W OIE22001X OIE22300X OIE22500X OIE23300X OIE24300B OIE24500BP OIE24500WP OIE24600MP OIE25500X OIE26500XP OIE27200A OIE2N500XP OIE39600WP OIER21100B OIER22100X OIER24300B OIF21100W OIF21300W OIF22100X OIF23100X OIF24300M OIM22000X OIM22300M OIM22300XL OIM22500XP OIM24300B OIM24500BP OIM24500W OIM24600B OIM24600W OIM25300X OIM25302X OIM25500XL OIM25500XR OIM25600XL OIM25700X OIM26500XP OIM26600XP OIM27200A OIM27200C OIM2N100X OIM39600X OIM39700X OTF22300W OUC21023X OUC22001X OUE22002X

Part Number: 262900064